Proposal to revise Dementia Measures Group

November 20th, 2015 by Rod Baird
Proposal to revise Dementia Measures Group – Likely effective for performance year 2017
The American Academy of Neurology and the American Psychiatric Association are the developers of the Dementia Measures Group for PQRS reporting. They are proposing a major update to the Measures Group – replacing 3 and updating the other 6. We assume that the revision and regulatory approval process will coincide with CMS rule making for Calendar Year 2017’s PQRS program.
There is a public comment period that is open through December 1st,2015. We urge the Clinicians using this measures group to review the definitions and post comments here. This link will take you to the AAN website that will allow you to read the proposed Dementia Measures Group changes and make comments.
If you submit any comments, please send them to Rod Baird as well. We will compile and submit them to the AMDA Quality Committee in an effort to get the organization’s support.
Rod Baird

About Rod Baird

Rod Baird is the Founder and President of Geriatric Practice Management (GPM). Since 1977, he’s led provider and management organizations that deliver care to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries. Past programs he’s overseen include home health, personal care, hospice, rehabilitation hospitals, adult and psych daycare, alcohol/drug rehabilitation, industrial medicine and primary care practices. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) selected Baird as one of only 73 individuals to serve with its InnovationProgram. His educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry from the American University, Washington, D.C.

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