MIPS Quality Measures for LTPAC

The GPM annual overview of CMS-approved MIPS Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) for use by medical groups practicing in Nursing Facilities, Homecare, Assisted Living, and related places of service is now available. It includes an exhaustive list of all measures based on CPT® codes – which are the only link to build a crosswalk to long-term/post-acute … Click to continue reading

CMS is Testing new MIPS Resource Use Measures: Exploring possible benefits to LTPAC Medicine

In a September 2018 Blog post I opined on CMS’s Total Per Capita Cost (TPCC) methodology proposed for the CY 2019 Physicians Fee Schedule. The lead line pretty much summed up my opinion of the measure – “CMS Continues punishing Geriatric, LTPAC, and Palliative Medicine for serving the frail elderly nearing the end of life.” … Click to continue reading

A MIPS Success Story: How We Did It!

Barnes Healthcare Management, LLC, may not love MIPS; but they were “excited” about reporting their 2017 data. And why not? They’ve got their documentation, tracking, and reporting functioning like a well-oiled machine; and they achieved a nearly perfect score for the year. Tracking and reporting on quality measures wasn’t new to them. They had previously … Click to continue reading