Risk and Relax: Taking Charge of Reporting and Reimbursement 

Understanding Risk In addition to everything else, today’s practice managers and practitioners need to have a basic understanding of risk adjustment; a statistical process that takes into account the underlying health status and health spending of the enrollee in an insurance plan when looking at their health care outcomes or care costs. A risk adjustment … Click to continue reading

A MIPS Success Story: How We Did It!

Barnes Healthcare Management, LLC, may not love MIPS; but they were “excited” about reporting their 2017 data. And why not? They’ve got their documentation, tracking, and reporting functioning like a well-oiled machine; and they achieved a nearly perfect score for the year. Tracking and reporting on quality measures wasn’t new to them. They had previously … Click to continue reading

MIPS Made Easy: Embracing the Program Painlessly

Just like the prospect of taxes or a root canal, Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting is anxiety-inducing for many. And just when you are ready to take a breath, here comes the 2018 quality and cost reporting cycle. For this year, Medical Groups or solo practitioners don’t have the option of reporting only 90 … Click to continue reading