CMS Physician Billing Data Dump – Historic Insight Into The LTPAC Service Market

On April 9th, 2014, CMS released the “complete” 2012 Medicare Part B billing history for Physicians & Extenders. This blog post from Rod Baird provides some insight on what he has been able to glean in the data thus far regarding the LTPAC market.   “All we want are the facts….” – Stg. Joe Friday. … Click to continue reading

Adverse Events in Nursing Homes – Reflections on the February OIG report

We’d would like to invite you to read a blog post from Rod Baird summarizing his thoughts on Adverse Events and ePrescribing in Skilled Nursing Homes in light of the recently released OIG Report. The OIG says: Patients in SNF’s experience frequent Adverse Events, Medications are the leading cause. What’s the solution? More CMS regulations, … Click to continue reading