Want to buy a quality measure?

“Psst … Hey buddy! Want to fix a measure in the Quality Game finals? The coach for NQF team #22 will roll for $11 million; you’ll make a killing!” Fraudulent billing schemes, kickbacks for referrals, fixing ball games, bribing politicians, insider trading, performance-enhancing drugs – we are all used to these all-too-familiar human failings. Competition … Click to continue reading

When worlds collide: How to navigate productive EHR use mindful of CMS fraud and abuse audits

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General (OIG) suspects Electronic Health Records (EHRs) may encourage fraud and abuse. Their recommendation: Better audits. Meanwhile, a recent article in the New York Times highlights the use of medical scribes to minimize physicians’ EHR workload. The OIG issued two reports in the past 30 … Click to continue reading

2014 PQRS for LTC physicians: Beatings will continue until morale improves

According to CMS, only 25% of eligible professionals participate in PQRS. CMS has a strategy to improve this dismal level of enthusiasm to 40% – triple the number of Quality Measures required for successful participation. Here is the quote from the Final 2014 Physicians Fee Schedule (emphasis added): For the commenters who urge us not … Click to continue reading