Is there a sea change in LTPAC market for attending physicians?

Each of us knows fall is coming. Deciding when it arrived is a personal perception. Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), we’ve predicted that the role of LTC physicians was destined to change. That legislation, paired with the HITECH Act, casts primary care physicians and nurse practitioners in the … Click to continue reading

ePrescribing and LTPAC: We’re making progress with Meaningful Use

The hurdle to achieving Meaningful Use for LTPAC physicians (and nurse practitioners under Medicaid) remains ePrescribing. To satisfy the ePrescribing Core MU Measure, the following must occur for each Eligible Professional: More than 50 percent of patients are managed using EHR technology. 30 percent of patients in the EHR have at least one medication ePrescribed. … Click to continue reading