LTC e-Rx demo first example of shared records

Last week I was fortunate to participate in a truly significant event for LTC physicians, facilities and pharmacies. The annual LTPAC IT Summit was June 17-18. This is where thought leaders from LTC providers, CMS, ONC, HIEs and the software vendors who support those entities gather. The event includes presentations, panel discussions, interconnectivity exhibits and … Click to continue reading

GPRO is your future

All of us are titillated or alarmed, depending on your point of view, by the degree that the NSA is tracking our electronic activities. Perhaps that story raised my awareness of how far-reaching the strategic thinking of our colleagues in government can be. Here is an apparent example. My own naiveté about CMS’s strategies slapped … Click to continue reading

PQRS measures and the chronically ill – ships passing in the night

There is some comfort in discovering that recognized experts share your opinions. This doesn’t necessarily prove you’re correct, but in the field of health policy, expert opinion has a good record for shaping regulations. It’s heartening to see some bona fide policy experts that support our group’s opinion that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid … Click to continue reading