ACOs and the LTPAC physician

One of my recent blog posts discussed the differences between Place of Service 31 (SNF) and 32 (NF).  Since nothing in Medicare payment policy is simple, let’s add some complexity – Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). Previously I’ve blogged on CMS’s inappropriate EHR Meaningful Use rules as they apply to the long-term care physician. The rules … Click to continue reading

Worth the Work, E-prescribing Will Have the Most Value for LTC Patients

Is it worth the effort to create an e-prescribing system for long-term care (LTC)? After 13 years of LTC physician practice management, I can say unequivocally that e-prescribing will diminish the occurrence of life-threatening, serious and moderately complex medication problems. This observation is backed up by multiple case studies. Arguably, e-prescribing should show its greatest … Click to continue reading

LTC physician listed as 2010’s No. 1 Part D prescriber

If you are a licensed prescriber and work in geriatrics or LTC, your 2010 Part D prescribing records are probably now public.  This link takes you to a well researched, and largely balanced, ProPublica analysis of the complete Part D prescribing database for 2010. A well respected LTC physician, Daniel J. Hurley M.D., who … Click to continue reading